“We don’t build; we create lifestyles.”

KD PROPERTIES LIMITED(KDPL)seeks to reflect a passion for life in real estate development. We see every project being undertaken as a commitment to improving people’s living standards and an opportunity to change our world for the better from aesthetic, functional and environmental aspects. With a view to change lifestyle of the people, we start our journey in early 2020 and under take, our first land development project under the banner of “BIKRAMPUR MODEL TOWN”, which is unexpectedly successful in terms of customers and stakeholders choice and we are planning to our next development project very soon.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to change lifestyle of the people creating the value of investment in the property, thus “We don’t build property; we create lifestyles.”

Our Mission:

We focus on managing, protecting and maximizing the potential of property assets. Our mission is to bring property and infrastructure management into the 21st Century by aligning the interests of the tenant and client through service and asset protection as well as ensuring the maximization of the asset value. We are always adhere to change the lifestyle of our customers and stakeholders.

Our Goals:

Consistent with KDPL’s motto “Go Beyond”, we aspire to consistently surpass our current achievements, prosper in real estate development by embracing innovative thoughts and working hard to achieve new business goals. We are committed to taking on any new challenges in order to become a leading property developer in Bangladesh.

Our Company Values:

Customer Service– We provide exceptional service to our clients, going beyond ‘normal’ expectations.  We respect our clients and the business they provide and offer them a service that secures value for their money and peace of mind.  This is what makes us different.

Commitment to Quality– We take pride in our work, performing to the best of our ability and to the highest possible standard.

Integrity– We give a fair and transparent price for our services, and all decisions are taken to ensure that the outcome is beneficial for our clients and the company.

Teamwork– Our values are not achieved on our own.  We understand the importance of working with all our partners, whether employees, suppliers, contractors or Clients.  We establish good working relationships and value the input of all stakeholders in any aspect of our business.

Reliability– We understand and appreciate the importance of our client’s time. As such we keep our promises in terms of our service commitments, timings and objectives, and communicate progress at every step of the way to keep our clients informed.